HAND IN HOOF: humans helping horses helping humans

unser projekt Our Goals :

Humans helping Horses helping Humans
To create a center that mutually benefits animals and humans.

We strongly believe that people and animals have a lot to give to each other and this is the foundation of our project. Our desire is to create a space where animals and people can meet, help and support each other.

Currently, this is what we do:
We founded a non-profit association "Hand in Hoof" to help our vision into reality.
We live at the "Quinta das Vinhas" in the Algarve, South Portugal. This is where we work and create various opportunities of bringing animals and people together for mutual learning and helping. At the moment we are offering courses and lessons in horsemanship. Furthermore, we work with Equus Coaching, in which horses support people in their development.

We started to help horses in need. Our first rescue horse was Boneca and you can see photos of her on this website.

We have stables for approximately eight horses, which need to be renovated. Claudio is a veterinarian and helping to treat the rescue horses

Part of the income from the courses and Equus coaching will go towards the project. Combined with financial and other donations we will donate our knowledge, our time and our venue to the project. The first stages of our animal-people project will be in two main areas:

People: Helping children from difficult backgrounds by facilitating them spending time on our farm with our animals and us. They would learn about horses, as well as smaller farm animals, for example, chickens, dogs etc. They would learn to groom a horse, ride and most importantly simply spend some time in nature around animals.

Animals: Helping horses in need by providing shelter, food, veterinary care, appropriate handling and (re-) training. Physically healthy horses will participate in courses and coaching and thus directly help our vision of "mutual help of animals and humans" come true. When the horses are (re) trained and healthy we will find them a good home.

What we currently need : - Rennovating the stables:
Two walls and a roof need to be rebuilt. Electricity, light and a water system need to be installed. 2 stables need new doors. All stables need water troughs and feed buckets. Our friend Tiago, an electrician, already generously offered this help and he will do the installation of electricity and light. We only pay the material. Thanks Tiago! Another friend, Daniel, is knowledgeable about construction and will help with the walls. Thanks Daniel!

We need building material for the walls and roof and wood for the stable doors. Financial help to buy material, water troughs and feed buckets, voluntary assistance from a plumber and a roofer.

- Veterinary care

We need vet equipment, medication and funds for buying medication etc.

- Horse trailer

In order to pick up horses in need quickly we need a horse trailer.

Anyone who wishes to support us can do this with donations of material or money or alternatively can help us hands on.

Please send donations of material to: Anna und Claudio Sacchi, Quinta das Vinhas
A/S Correio de Barao de São Joao
8600-013 Barao de São Joao, Portugal

Money donations per PayPal to akerckhoff@gmx.de or by bank transfer: :

Hand In Hoof
IBAN: PT50 0045 7194 40258750897 76
Credito Agricola

For transfers within Portugal:
NIB: 40258750897

Who wants to helps personally or has questions please send an email to: anna@theworkwithhorses.com.

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Monty Roberts Introductory course (certificate)

October 30 - November 10th, 2017.
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